Auto Fill logins and saves passwords on Edge Canary 128.0.2630.0

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Hello, on the version of Edge Canary 128.0.2630.0 

I´ve been missing the Auto Fill logins and saved passwords.


For doubt I´ve opened Edge stable and it works all OK. But on Canary when click not shows the stored options to fill up.


Anyone with this behavior? 

Thanks' all

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Same for me ;)
I send a feedback yesterday
Same happening here.
However, it was after I added extension "Norton Password Manager" and removed it again. Since then, autofill doesn't work any more. Have uninstalled and reinstalled, no difference. Works find on Edge stable

With the last Canary, the Auto Fill logins and saved passwords are came back, but the font is smaller


Capture 1.PNG


when you click "in the login", the font is at its normal size


Capture 2.PNG

Still not happening on mine. Must have to do with Norton, as all is ok on another PC

Update: Nice to see that with Canary 128.0.2637.0 the forms to use stored logins and passwords are now okay. Tried on few sites and it works.

Finally, mine are all working again