Audio Output Streams Flag Missing in

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The audio output streams flag seems to be missing in


"Causes audio output streams to check if channel layouts other than the default hardware layout are available."




This is an important feature to me, allowing multi-channel sound for streaming video instead of being limited to stereo on some connections.


I hope this will be the default behavior instead of stereo, or that there will be a setting for this instead of an experimental flag.


I have also submitted this via the smiley feedback button.

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Thank you for the feedback, @ms4132.  We use flags to control roll-outs and to test features to ensure that they are ready.  We think of them as very temporary gates, rather than permanent settings.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk 

This approach makes sense to me, but what is often unclear is whether when a flag disappears it is because the experimental feature has become standard or has been removed. In this case, it appears that audio passthrough is now incorporated as the default behavior (good news for me). But in other cases, it appears that a potential feature is no longer being pursued.


Some possible outcomes for flags that come to mind: incorporated as standard behavior (no setting needed), incorporated as optional feature (setting needed), not planned for further experimentation at this time (no flag needed, no setting needed).


Right now, it is unclear which of these happens when a flag is removed. This is similar to the challenge of not knowing what value the Default setting of a flag invokes. For both of these, it may not always be easy to determine the effect of the removal of a flag or setting it to default.

I will submit a smiley feedback for consideration with regards to these points.

@Elliot Kirk, Edge still doesn't support Surround sound. Any words about it?