Audio lag while watching video stream

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Hello, I have problem with my audio being more and more out of sync with video while watching video stream on the edge(all release channels). It doesn't matter if I watch youtube, netflix or any other video stream webiste. Same goes for chrome. On firefox all is just fine. Also watching videos offline in some destop video player works just fine. The issue occurs only on edge and chrome. I'm using Realtek audio card. Any idea how to fix that?

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Try enabling this flag and then restart your browser:

"Run Audio Worklet operation on a realtime priority thread for better audio stream stability."

@HotCakeXwell I'm sorry but it had no effect at all. Audio is still out of sync. The longer video plays the bigger de-synchronization is. If I pause the video and resume it again it works fine for a minute or two and then again it get desynchronised.

Thanks for trying it anyway,
please file a feedback using the feedback button on Edge (shortcuts: Alt + shift + i )
once in the feedback window, press "Attachments", and then go to "recreate my problem" and "start recording",
while Edge is recording, try to reproduce the problem and get desync, after that you can stop the recording and send your feedback with some explanation.

hopefully that will give developers enough data to examine the issue and solve it :)