At last an Android Edge update - so disappointing

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To the Android Edge team (and the desktop Edge team where applicable like sync):


I seem to have been waiting for ages for an update to Android Edge, given that I'm signed onto the Beta. Yesterday finally one appeared.


What an utter disappointment.


You've added collections. Whoopi-do. I don't use collections.


I DO use History - a LOT of History. But you STILL haven't produced History sync, which is. to me. something far more basic than the funny new things you seem to think are more important.


I DO use sites CHOSEN BY ME pinned to the New Tab Page. But you still haven't introduced the ability for the user to CHOOSE which sites are on the New Tab Page.


I DO need an ability to 'darkify' websites, whether through using an inbuilt ability activated by a flag like #darken-websites-checkbox-in-themes-setting in Android Google Chrome, or the ability to install the Dark Reader extension in both original Android Firefox and now the new 'Fenix' Android Firefox Preview. But you've done nothing about this, and more generally haven't given access to any extensions bar the built in Adblock, and STILL haven't given access to Edge://flags even to beta users.


 And there's still no search on passwords; especially given that Microsoft does not provide an Android auto-fill service - unlike the Google one, or the Mozilla Lockwise app - which can make trying to log into a new app for the first time with an account created in the browser - or vice versa - hideously convoluted if using Edge on desktop and Android phone (like have to use the desktop Edge to look up the username and password because at least it has a search, then copy and paste to something that syncs with Android like Sticky Notes or Google Keep, then copy again and paste again).


And, as I've said many times in feedback, I hate bottom controls in Apps on my phone, but STILL no UI layout options in Android Edge. I'd actually think of that as a big ask .... except when I first tried the then new early Android 'Fenix' Firefox Preview back last October, it only had bottom controls and I expressed my dislike to their dev team in the reviews/feedback. And presumably a fair few other people did too, because in December a choice between bottom and top controls appeared in settings, and the update-from-old-Firefox onboarding experience that debuted when Android Firefox Beta changed to the new Fenix Preview the user is specifically asked whether they want controls top or bottom during the update.


Last October, the new Firefox Fenix Preview was missing everything I wrote above about Android Edge missing. Since then they have been dealt with one by one in Fenix Firefox Preview, the final one (darkifying websites with the Dark Reader extension) appearing in Nightly last month, all but the final one in what's now the Beta. None, NOT ONE, has been addressed in Android Edge.


Android Google Chrome has all but one of these things (no choosing sites to appear on NTP) - so I could just about put up with it if I had to. Fenix Firefox Nightly (and soon Beta, and soon after that main Android Firefox) has ALL addressed, so I was finally able to move from old Android Firefox (very sluggish when using Dark Reader extension) to the extremely zippy Fenix Firefox Nightly as my default browser. And Android Edge just goes on and on missing all the things I need to consider changing to it - or using it to browse at all - while playing with new toys like collections instead of basic things like History.


Clearly you Android Edge development team guys have such utterly different priorities to me that I'm just wasting my time expecting any of the things important to me to be dealt with ... at the current rate within my remaining lifetime, anyway. And I need desktop and phone browser syncing, so the Android Edge team are also wrecking any chance of me adopting desktop Edge too.


Since last October I've given the same feedback about my need for the same missing features to the Android Edge and Android Fenix Firefox dev teams. One team has responded by addressing every single issue, one none. It's not Microsoft I'm going to be praising on internet forums. I really wanted to want Edge, but you guys have completely blown it. I give up.

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100% agree with you on everything, Android's edge is really a crap browser. Devs don't give a **bleep**. Many users (including me) can't live without sync, If the edge's team really want users to switch to edge, They must change their game on Android egde. it's always outdated, missing important basic features. Although I'm liking desktop's edge, I really hate to use android edge.
Yes, why they not open beta, dev and canary for android. Just do it microsoft.



Hey >>> Year Later: ...And there's still no search on passwords on Android....


I am so disapoiting and yesterday i change my browser again to chrome, because of "no search on passwords on android". Ofcorse i wrote a lot of messages to Microsoft about that, and nothing, so now you have one user less...