Are you satisfied with Edge browser?

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I've used many browsers(opera, chrome, edge, IE 11, vivaldi, firefox, whale, safari) I have been using Edge Chromium since dev version opened, edge team fixed many bugs and improved features. But still there are lots of things should be fixed.


First time i installed edge, i noticed that this browser is too chromish. All I could see was icon changed. But i understood because this is chromium. However edge team has to work on to make more MS like animation design.


Second, dark theme. Edge insider announced dark theme is able to use without double checking light theme. Which means, if you open PDF in this browser, you may clearly see light theme. When ctrl+p to print and in setting either.


Thrid, lack of attractive features. The only feature is making an App. I still don't know why they made this.... I suggest to make feature view in mobile windows.

Forth, lack of customization. In edge store, i expect to see customization like in chrome. As you know we can customize whole bunch of things in Chrome.


Old Edge does have useful features, it was buggy and slow (especially loading animation, picture and videos). 

Microsoft should throw away the thought that people will use Edge browser if people use windows.


If you have other useful features, please comment below.

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@TrueGame  "If you have other useful features, please comment below."


A lot of people have suggested features/functions since Edge Chromium was made available to Insiders.  I basically start with the request that Edge Chromium be brought up to the standards of Edge (Classic).  Beyond that, I've made a few other suggestions.  The list of features/functions and other issues that I've suggested and are tracking is:



(1) Allow users to select light or dark theme independent of Windows 10 light/dark mode.

(2) Increase contrast on tool bars, similar to Edge (Classic).

(3) Change the favorites list so that it is hierarchical rather than flyout.


(4) Bring PDF editing/highlighting up to the standards of Edge (Classic).

(5) Allow users to set background color (e.g. white) and change font and font size in Reading View.

(6) Add ability to annotate websites with notes.

(7) Add "clutter free printing" as an option.

(8) Enable "Continue on ..." browsing.

(9) Add "Read aloud" option as right-click on tabs.

(10) Add tab "set-aside" functionality.

(11) Add "Pin Tabs" functionality.

(12) Add "block pop erwups" functionality.

(13) Bring "sync" functionality up to the stardards of Edge (Classic).


(14) Reduce power usage as much as possible using the Chromium engine, which is a major league resource hog. I don't expect Microsoft to be able to be able to make Edge Chromium to be as resource efficient as Edge (Classic), but I'd like to see as much progress made as is reasonably possible. Battery drain using Edge Chromium is noticable.


(15) Add an option to "Clear history on exit ..." (as in Firefox and Edge Classic) allowing a user to elect to clear (or not) each of the following: browsing history, cookies and saved website data, cached data and files, download history, autofill data, media licenses, website permissions and passwords.

(16) Add a "Do you want to close all tabs ..." warning on browser shutdown.

(17) Add the most popular "flags" to the Settings menu as on/off options.


(18) Run Edge Chromium in a separate kernel (as Edge (Classic) does) or otherwise isolate the browser from the system.

(19) Tie Edge Chromium to Windows Defender as tightly as Edge (Classic) is tied.

(20) Disable Adobe Flash as default. Allow users to enable Flash for specific websites by right-clicking on the tab.

(21) Disable "Run as administrator ..." so that the browser cannot run with elevated system privileges, inherit elevated system privleges from executables opened by the browser, or grant elevated system privileges to executables opened by the browser. A warning is not sufficient in light of the security risk.

(22) Run "IE Mode" tabs in a virtual machine or in a separate sandbox so that neither Edge Chromium nor Windows 10 are compromised by security flaws in IE.



Very much. just waiting for the full sync options to kick in then i will main the new Edge.

@TrueGame I like this version of Edge, and am using it in my Windows work laptop and Mac home laptop now. At the moment Edge has almost all features I need, and only missing the ability to install add-on from files (to install a third-party add-on for my hobby).

Will definitely upgrade to more stable version as soon as they appear. For now, I am happy!


PS: don't forget that you are using an early version of the software, with bugs and stuffs.


If you have other useful features, please comment below.

I think the most important feature is simplicity:

- remove all Settings into flags, unless frequently changed, accessible historically, or customizable per website;

- remove unrelated to web browsing features like PDF Editing;

- remove all shortcuts and UI links to OS features, substitute by automation;

- do not tie to Win Defender, if a different A/V is installed;

- ensure Chrome apps compatibility;

- add tabs management into Groups and Tree;

- ensure broader media standards and codecs support;

- do not disable ad and media autoplay blockers;

- ensure Chrome fans requests aren't lost given the forum now dominated by Edge Classic former users, who hold a minor share in browsers usage stats.


The most i'm concerned about is possible browser wars. Google periodically breaks Edge compatibility with popular websites and services. MS seems to slow down Chrome processes execution in Windows lately to appear Edge working faster. This is very bad for users, especially since Edge is in alpha stage now.



@sambul95 wrote:

This is very bad for users, especially since Edge is in alpha stage now.


@sambul95 where have you noticed this thing?

@sambul95  "ensure Chrome fans requests aren't lost given the forum now dominated by Edge Classic former users, who hold a minor share in browsers usage stats."


I hope that requests from "Chrome fans" are brought to the attention of appropriate members of the development team, on the same basis as requests of other forum members.   Based on the high number of "I will see to it that your request is forwarded to the appropriate team members ..." posts from Microsoft employees moderating the forum, I suspect that is the case. 


Tracking the status of requests, however, is nearly impossible.  It would be useful for the Edge Team to develop a high-level features/functions status list, not unlike the features/functions status list used for Edge (Classic) development (see screenshot below), and include a link to that status list on the forum sidebar.  Then we'd have a good idea about what features/functions are in development, which are being considered, and which are not currently planned for development.


EdgeHTML Status List.jpg







Yes, or may be... at times "forwarded" transcribed and interpreted, i.e. likely not exactly what you said, and may be to the guy who earlier cancelled your lovely feature to begin with. ;) But... due to forum at this stage populated largely by Edge Classic warriors, there isn't much IMHO to forward except requests to fit existing Edge Classic features into Edge Chromium UI and Settings. :face_with_tears_of_joy:


This is a very skewed view of browser fans needs, and putting Edge Classic fans priorities first would lead to what... that's right... to Edge Chromium usage stats likely resembling Edge Classic's.


As to tracking request status, we already discussed it seems too early at this stage. Mozilla does it in Bugzilla, i.e. every feature request is considered initially a bug (i.e. browser non-performance). The bugs are initially processed very fast, many classified as "assigned", "re-assigned", etc. At this stage you can communicate with the guys directly. But it doesn't mean every request is fulfilled once assigned. I seen "won't fix" comments for a variety of reasons, including some future plans you don't know about.


MS is a "sealed" company, so I don't expect this level of direct engagement, especially now, when everything is fluid. In fact, I generally don't expect them to implement your and mine requests at all - if that's something you want to control with bug tracker. I'm just trying to share experience here, but don't demand anything. 


This is a great thread, and I want to help clarify some things. In general, I am the one that is bringing your opinions from the forums to the developers and program managers that are building the features, but I always include a link to the thread or threads. I have been getting a lot of help from the same support agents that work on the tickets that are filed through our support website. Additionally, some of our Devs and PMs get on here themselves to try and understand the why behind the ask. We understand that even on this forum, not everyone agrees on the best way of doing things. (just look at the feedback on the yellow color for favorites bar folders). We will often work with our User Research experts to get the best experience for the largest number of people.  We really do value this community and the great discussions that occur here.  I want to personally thank all of you for the time and the effort that you give to help us build the best browser that we can.  Please keep it up, and let me know if there are things that you think that I can do to make this a better place.



Great post!

Thanks for helping us have a better understanding of what goes on behind these forum walls....