Are there plans for a version of Edge for Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi ARM SoC's

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Give that I have gone all in on Edge across my devices, the missing piece for me remains a Ubuntu (or Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit or preferably 64-bit) for Microsoft Edge on my Ubuntu 21.01 Desktop running a Raspberry Pi 400 . I am also running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server running on a Raspberry Pi 4b with 8gb RAM and a 512gb SSD.

I am relearning development and deployment skills on these devices to improve my customer support and consulting skills for a our customers. This has become more important since Google has tuned off Chrome sync to Chromium users. I need to be able to sync data across devices using the same browser. My only chose at the moment is Firefox, which for many reasons, would not be my personal choice.


Does the Develop Roadmap for Edge4 on Linux, include ARM SoC based implementations?

Worst case would be to try and run Windows on Arm on th4e Raspberry Pi 400, but that hasn't been my preferred path up until now. Any suggestions of the potential likely hood this may happen?

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Me too, have Edge across all the devices except Raspberry Pi 400. AFAIK, current RPi OS is only 32-bit, 64 maybe added in future. But it would be nice to have Edge for Linux Deb with ARM32 support.

i want to be able to share links with my pi via the attached picture and using nearby share