Application Guard and IE Mode missing???


I've been using Edge Dev. since it's release last year and never tried to use Windows Defender Application Guard nor IE Mode.  Today I tried both.  I installed Application Guard in Windows 10 and restarted my PC but when I open Edge Dev. it doesn't open in Application Guard nor does it give me the option when I click the three dots in the upper right corner.  I also checked in Edge Flags and nothing is there to enable it.  Is it not in Dev. or Stable Releases?  Also, how do I open a website in IE Mode that I know needs to be opened in IE Mode?  I noticed in Chrome there is a simple button to click to have it open in an IE Mode.  Is that missing as well in Edge Dev. and Stable Releases?

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@RichLusk ... If your machine is already on Windows 10 1809+...Does restarting the machine & then using the following give you more information about the Application Guard requirements & machine capabilities? edge://application-guard-internals/#host

@Naren- ....Thank you for the reply.  Yes it shows that it is enabled and working.  I also clicked settings and now the "New Application Guard Window" option has appeared!  :)  Odd.  Seems to have taken a few restarts of the PC to appear.  Any idea about IE Mode???  How do I use that just for certain websites?

Thank you for the link. I was hoping that it was a feature that just enabled a button in Edge to click for the currently viewed website to be opened in IE Mode instead of going through steps to set it up and list the websites.


That was the official way but there is another way that is through Flags and no Group Policy required.


How to enable and use Internet Explorer mode in the new Microsoft Edge

If you’re in an enterprise or business, you can enable Microsoft Edge’s Internet Explorer mode. It gives you a simplified experience that combines a modern rendering engine with compatibility for legacy websites. Here’s how.

  1. Open up the browser, and visit the following address: edge://flags/#edge-internet-explorer-integration.
  2. You should then see a line on the top saying Enable IE Integration.
  3. You’ll want to click on the box next to that line and select IE Mode from the dropdown menu.
  4. Create a shortcut for Edge on your desktop.
  5. Right-click the icon, choose properties and add the following text to the end of the text seen in the target box. –ie-mode-test
  6. Click Apply, and then OK.
  7. Head to the Edge settings menu (the …) choose more tools and then open sites in Internet Explorer mode. Once chosen, this website will open in IE mode every time.

Applies to All Windows 10 Versions

Thank you for the information. That's what I'm talking about. Better yet how about having the Enterprise version of Edge have by default a button on the address bar that opens the current website in IE Mode? Have it just in the Enterprise version so that home users don't get confused or have issues by using it.