Apple TV+ causing some kind of soft lock


Hi, I was wondering if anyone else who is subscribed to Apple TV+ could check and see if they run into this issue.


You can access Apple TV+ content from a web browser at  If I go to a show page and keep it open for a minute or so, or try to watch a show, the Edge browser starts to act funny.  I get into a situation where the browser seems to still be working but the image displayed is stuck so it looks like it has locked up.  Basically, it looks like the browser has totally locked up, but I know that it is working and just not changing the image displayed because if I close tabs (Ctrl+W) before quitting and restarting the browser, it will open up with those tabs closed.


I tested with Google Chrome and was not able to reproduce this issue there.  I haven't run into anything like this with any other sites in Edge.  I do watch streaming video content from other sources without any issues.


This is with Edge Beta on Windows, version 79.0.309.11.  It might matter that I am running in a graphics switching configuration (Optimus) with Intel HD Graphics 4000 and NVIDIA Quadro M5000M.

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