Anyone sees web history in Windows timeline?



I'm only talking about Edge stable users with history syncing on.


so people that have history syncing on Edge stable (probably only UK users for now as it's a controlled feature rollout), do you see web history, just like Edge legacy, in Windows timeline?


web history don't appear in timeline from insider channels, I'm assuming maybe it only works on stable channel.

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@HotCakeX Actually it deployed to beta user and even my history on beta don't appear in windows timeline maybe it's one windows side or they exclude (for now) non stable release from the timeline hard to say.


so let's get more upvotes on this in case it's something Windows team need to get involved in


I tested this (using UK VPN) and unfortunately history entries don't show up in Timeline..



I have history sync on and probably the first in Canada to do so!! YAYAY!


I don't see any search history in windwos timeline. Only office and IE come up. I am in Stable Windows 20h2.

Kinda sad for me not to have this feature in timeline
Why do you ues timeline since I barely use.

I don't know if Microsfot is trying to get rid of it totally
I use it to see history of my past activities, e.g. WinRAR files I opened, pictures i viewed, windows store pages i opened, PDFs i opened and many more
it'd be great to have Edge history in there too, one place to see all your history.