Any update on when the first Microsoft Edge Beta Channel will be officially open?

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While I enjoy testing the new Edge and prefer Dev as slightly more stable, I would like see a more stable new Edge version to use as my main browser.

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Well there are still many features missing in the new Edge, that 6 weeks delay between each release would be painful and boring. I think Microsoft is first planning to ship all the feature to the Edge and then use the Beta channel to fix small minor bugs to make the browser ready for the public stable release.


I hope your guess is not right as I would like a more stable build to use as my main browser and the 6 weeks delay for me is perfect to have a more stable build to use daily.

Well you can use the original Edge or any other stable browser for daily use.


I have already changed to use Edge Dev as my main browser because I like using it so much. I still would like a slightly more stable beta build. I know they are "all" really beta builds just a more stable one.

I've been using Canary on a couple of machines for the past few months and never seen any "stability" issues in it.