Animations on NTP

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Hey Edge team members & fellow Insiders,

Happy New Year to everyone!


Just saw the changes to the NTP in build 387- Changing the feed locale, renaming tiles, changes to the description text of the Bing Daily Image. I appreciate them, those make the NTP look way more better.

I would like to point out towards a feedback for the animations related to the loading of the image. Sometimes it loads with a subtle animation, while sometimes it just appears without any animation, which doesn't look consistent. I would request the team to look into the matter & make the necessary changes.


Also, good luck to the team for the browser G.A. on 15th January!

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Since Version 81.0.387.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
Bing daily images don't appear for me
it's stuck at the default blue image which is from some lake in Australia


edit: it's Tasman Lake on South Island, New Zealand


it might have looked nice at first but seeing it all the time, I'm starting to hate it lol.

pressing either of the right/left arrows don't change the daily image.