Android Edge Sync to and Continue on PC target

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Just tried using Continue on PC in Android Edge for the first time, expecting it to cause the page to open on my Windows 10 laptop in either Edge Dev or Canary, as Android Edge's 'Sync to' setting is 'The new Microsoft Edge', or maybe Firefox as that's still set as the default browser on my laptop. Instead it caused 'classic' Edge to open and display the page ... and I've never used or wanted to use Classic Edge at all (and have deleted it from the taskbar).


Should Android Edge's Continue on PC not respect the target of the 'Sync to' setting, as most people who have it set to new Edge are liable to want pages to be sent to new Edge, not classic, and vice versa?

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Do you have Edge stable installed?

also deleting the shortcut from taskbar is just unpinning, doesn't have effect on anything.