An error occurred while checking for updates: Failed to cache the downloaded installer


An error occurred while checking for updates: Failed to cache the downloaded installer. Error: 0x800b0001. (error code 7: 0xA043050D -- system level).Learn moreVersion 85.0.564.41 (Official build) (64-bit)


Windows 10 (up to date)

Edge stable is preinstalled so I can't uninstall it.

tried to download the offline installer last time I got this error, Edge got updated, but now that there is a new update available, it's giving me this error again.

also tried to run Edge as admin, no luck.

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According to support




I've done the 1st thing already

about 2nd thing, I have default Windows Defender and everything is fine with it.

Really no one has a solution? I have installed Edge beta and there is an update available for it but I can't install it.

I have the same problem.. did you find a solution ?.@HotCakeX 

Hi, no, it just never happened again.
I get that same exact message on Google Chrome Canary browser. Every so often that pops up. I noticed it happens to me if I try to open Chrome up too fast or too many times within a few seconds of when it's suppose to check for an update. Same error message down to the wording and it usually takes either computer reboot and/or having to wait a short time for it to self correct. Being that error message is in both Chrome and Edge it must be something specifically tied into Chromium. Interesting to see someone else post about it, at least I know I'm not the only one that gets that error message now and again as I started to think it was an error just on my side.

@HotCakeX I have the same error.  I try to update Edge and it impossible to do that.