Always show Zoom button

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The zoom button appears when do Ctrl + mouse wheel.

I'd like the zoom to show all the time so I only need one hand to enlarge the text.

Is there an add-on or a hack that will make zoom always visible?

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You can zoom in and out with one hand by pressing the (...) menu button on Edge






the magnifying glass icon appears on the address bar (Omnibox) when the zoom level of the web page you are visiting is different than the default zoom level, which can be set here: edge://settings/appearance


so based on that info, you can change your default zoom level to something other than 100% and then the magnifying glass icon will always be shown in the address bar when zoom level is not 100%.


if you want extensions, there is one here:


Zoom it - Microsoft Edge Addons


the rest of the extensions related to zooming: Microsoft Edge Add-ons - zoom