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Would be super useful to have an option to make a video embedded into any page (youtube, vimeo) break out from its page and have it in always on top mode.


What would you say?

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what you are describing is picture in picture (PiP) which is available in Edge.


you need to enable these 2 flags: (paste these in your browser address bar)





and then restart browser.

now go to YouTube or any other website that plays video/audio. on the top right you will see this button




and then click on this button




then you will get a Picture-in-Picture mode that is always on top of other applications and can be moved anywhere on the screen.

Hey @HotCakeX,


Thanks for pointing it out! It looks good, do you by any chance know if there is any thread to leave feedback for the feature?

You're welcome,

Sure, there are 2 primary ways to send feedback to Edge developers,
you can use feedback button on Edge, by pressing Edge (...) menu => help and feedback => send feedback

or you can use this online form:

@HotCakeX These flags are not available in the current version of edge, is the another way to do this?