Also Darken web contents when dark mode is enabled.

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Light Mode:

-> Browser follows Light mode,

-> Web content follows Light mode too.


Dark Mode:

-> Browser follows Dark mode,

-> Web content follows Light mode. (Why??)


Possible solution: This flag (edge://flags/#enable-force-darkforces dark mode on web content, but the problem is this flag also forces dark mode on light mode. So, It would be better if Dark Mode automatically darkens web pages or This flag forces dark mode only in dark mode and not in light mode.

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I do see your point.  I use Dark, but, I looked at what you discuss.  I notice that if set to Light AND the flag enabled, can still see Light is being used while the actual page (part) itself is Dark. 

I'll just say Edge cannot do this.  It's a test in Canary & Dev, currently. It is looking like enough people like it & use it that it will be flagless. But, if someone uses it whilst on Light & it doesn't darken the page, that would defeat the whole idea. Ergo, if on Light, would not select "Darken web content".  It befits someone preferring to have Dark Theme, already, going.


Totally agree. It makes no sense at all for the flag to force dark mode on web contents when the browser is in light mode.
That's what I'm saying, that flag should force dark mode only when dark mode is selected by default
the flag is kind of an override. there are websites that respect the selected theme in Edge settings and show you the dark/light style when you visit them. one of them that I came across is Windows Central's website.

Yeah, I know that, I'm just saying override only when dark theme is enabled would be better
Yeah, well I don't think websites that we visit have the permission to know which flags are enabled or disabled in user browser
Well, I'm not talking about websites, I'm just saying flag should override only when dark mode is enabled. Hope you get the point
Oh right I get it now, that would be great

I completely agree with you. Microsoft should consider adding this option under edge://settings/appearance. While there are many types of webpage dark mode conversions, Microsoft should pick out the best among them and implement it, instead of keeping it as a flag only.


It's best to force dark mode by default on webpages only when the browser too is set to dark mode.

Any news on this @MissyQ ? It's from November 2019.

I'm also interested in hearing a n update to this issue.