Allowing Edge to open apps with handlers by default

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I've been using the dev channel and just switched to beta on Windows 10. One difference is that apps that have handlers, like Zoom and Teams and Slack, are no longer opening the default app on their own. I'm getting a prompt to open the app (with Zoom and Slack), and am getting the "Download Teams" page when I click a teams link, even though I have Teams running and installed. I've been searching and searching, but can't find a setting where I can give Edge permission to open trusted apps by default. Is this a feature to be added, or do I just really not know what I'm doing.  :) 

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I believe Chromium builds 77 and above have taken this out for security purposes. There is no way to remove the remembered protocol handler. I really hope this is brought back. I use several websites that launch protocol handlers such as Screenconnect and SolarWinds N-Able that always prompts and there is no way to tell it to remember my choice.
were you able to find anything about this. I need Zoom and Teams to open on their own for meetings. I would be nice to not have to have the user check the box.


It seems incredible that Microsoft Edge does not allow opening a local route with word, more than 20 years doing this type of access, and for now there is no alternative solution, this is required, especially on the intranet. please provide some extension that allows this.