Allow users to download Edge web browser by version

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I repeat, please please allow users to download Edge web browser by version.


Does it apply to Edge Insider? Yes, if it is a Microsoft product, no otherwise.


Do customers want it? Yes, if you have access to publically available information about user or customer behaviour.


Or intermediate level knowledge of statistics and software development.


Is it impossible? No.


Is it ridiculous that this has not been done before for Edge browser? Yes. ;)


Is it ridiculous that this has not been done before for Edge browser when other open source browsers allow this? Yes. Absolutely.


Please don't get upset about this, it's not a dealbreaker. I just can't recommend people to switch over to your web browser.


I do know that I know someone who knows someone at an enterprise that let your analytics system think it is right about stuff. Hope you get this one.

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Obviously, no one is going to say that a sign up is required for such a basic thing.

Even if you think about enterprise customers being okay with that non-sense for some rational reason that is untenable in a slightly competitive market. Or regular, low revenue-producing users that trust you a lot.

Don't betray their trust, it's horrible idea.



Dev channel update to 87.0.644.4 is live


Where do I download the last 10 versions of it, along with the source code. I'm willing to pay 5 dollars for all versions released in a quarter, but not anymore than that. 


Since your meticulous modifications will, add loads of maintenance burden down the software dev chain.

Go to
then click on "for business" at top
click on "deploy today"
and it will take you to this page where you can download browser by version. i dunno how you missed this tho

also if you want change logs, they are on Microsoft Docs website