Allow us to add notes/custom fields to websites in the password manager

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Hey everyone,


I've been thinking about features missing from the password manager built into Edge/Authenticator and the only feature that is missing and blocking me from switching from my current manager (BitWarden, previously LastPass) is the fact that I cannot add custom fields and/or notes to the websites I have passwords saved for.


Reason why Custom Fields/Notes are important:

  • I can save my 2FA recovery keys in there.
  • I add notes to save certain deployment keys/personal access tokens for many services I use for my work.

The notes, extra fields are encrypted and are usually just a few clicks away when I need them.


What does everyone think of this? is this a feature that'd make the built-functionality better? would you make use of it?

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@6h4n3m - Agreed, something similar to BitWarden's secure note would be helpful as well.