Allow Tab Previews to be displayed Without the title of the tab and the domain name

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In Edge (latest version of Canary), tab previews show the title of the tab and the domain name of the tab.

I want a tab preview like Edge legacy, where it's clean and only shows the preview of the tab.


New Edge canary 89:








Edge legacy: very sleek and modern looking






There is this flag: edge://flags/#tab-hover-cards

that has multiple options, but all of them are the same, they make no difference.




I think it's important to have an option to remove the "title of the tab" and "domain name or URL" from the Tab Previews.

Vertical Tabs can be used for when there are virtually unlimited open tabs and you can't see their titles.


I've already done this but if you want the same thing, please send this suggestion using the feedback button on Edge (or Alt + shift + i shortcuts), request the same thing.

more people = higher priority



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