Allow PWAs to automatically run with Startup Boost

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We used to have a setting behind a flag to enable PWAs to automatically launch in the background when Edge was launched. I would like the option to be able to automatically launch a PWA with Startup Boost. Thanks for listening and for your consideration. 


An ideal setting to enable the option would be in edge://settings/content/siteDetails?site=htttpsXYZ

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when Edge uses Startup boost, it loads some parts of the Edge software in the memory for quick launch. but websites are not software, they are run on top of Edge.
I don't think it's possible to launch or preload a website in the background the way Edge is using Starup boost, because you can't load for example only javascript and css of Twitter, and skip HTML, like for what? you will have to see website's UI either way.

if you want to launch websites in the background in order to receive notifications then Edge on latest version of Windows 10 can do that, even while it's closed.
if the reason is not notifications then stating the reason would definitely help when developers are considering this feature request to see how it's helpful for people.

p.s there is a flag that lets you launch PWAs on Windows logon automatically

@HotCakeX thank you for the explanation. Makes sense. 


The flag you mentioned, #enable-desktop-pwas-run-on-os-login, has disappeared. To the best of my knowledge, it is no longer possible to automatically run PWAs. My suggestion results from the disappearance of the flag. I would be content if there was a way to automatically run PWAs. 

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it's available in Edge stable but removed from Edge canary, maybe they will add it as a proper option to Edge settings later. a couple of PWA-related flags suddenly got removed form Edge canary a few builds ago. they were useful so I assume they have other plans to implement those features.

@HotCakeX thanks for the follow-up. Let's hope they add auto-starting PWAs as a proper option. 

You're amazing. How anyone keeps track of the details like you do is beyond me. I appreciate your contributions immensely. Thank you! Cheers -

You're welcome! and thank you



just wanted to give you an update,

the flags are now back in Edge Version 89.0.731.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


you can run your PWAs on OS login



you can either set PWA to launch on OS login when installing a website as an app or go to apps:


right-click on any installed site (PWA) and set the option to run at startup



other flags that are back include:

Desktop PWA tab strip link capturing



Desktop PWA tab strips


@HotCakeX thanks! Really appreciate the follow-up. Cheers 

Anytime! cheers