All the blue colors turn to purplish after a few moments after startup

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Since a few Canary releases I noticed my blue colors started to look different to how it looks on other browsers. I stopped using Canary for a while but decided to give it a spin today. What I noticed is not only do the blues look purple-ish, but for a few moments after startup everything looks normal. It changes after a few seconds.


So I googled and found it occured for some people using Chrome and the solution was to go to flags and change force-color-profile to sRGB. Unfortunately, edge://flags doesn't have this setting in Canary. I also found this: which shows the same issue.


I also attach a GIF with how it looks on my end:




Please advise :)

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I could not see this issue on my computer, both on Edge Stable and Edge Canary but I would recommend you to send feedback about this through the in-app feedback tool (Alt+Shift+I) in Microsoft Edge with the diagnostics attached which will help the Microsoft Edge team to resolve your issue as soon as possible.


@relu84 Thanks for reaching out! Yes, please submit diagnostic data through the browser. Let us know if you see this happening in any of the other preview channels too.


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@Deleted - solved. I do not know what exactly helped, but I reinstalled my Monitor .inf file and clicked around in Color Management to make sure everything is set to system defaults and no additional color profiles are installed. Started up Canary and it's pretty again ;)

@relu84 Awesome, I'm glad to hear that you found a resolution! Let us know if you see anything else like this going forward.


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge