airbnb hacked into my checking account

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has anyone experienced where airbnb hacked into your checking account and withdrew over $1900?

I contacted my bank but they are closed and said I have to wait until they open on Tuesday as monday is a holiday.  



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Hi, Microsoft is not the right place to report theft!

If this you should report it to the Police (they have special departments that deal with it)

Good luck

I realize this topic is old, but I just wanted to give my opinion as I, too, have been renting for a long time. Airbnb or any other company doesn't like it when a customer's checking account is hacked, and money is withdrawn without permission. Good thing you contacted your bank, and hopefully, they can help you sort this out as soon as possible. In the meantime, remember to change your passwords and monitor your accounts to prevent further unauthorized activity. I've never had a situation like this, but I constantly read the Dallas Metro News to keep current. Stay strong, and good luck to you.