After Win10, Build 2004 Edge is slow to launch

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Wanted to share something I experienced right after installing the 2004 build. It was very noticeable. I have seen/read other users reporting in various forums but nothing I found here.


The prior behavior was a beautiful thing. You launch the executable and instantly would get to your homepage within a second.


After installing the 2004 Build it has made life for EDGE very painful. Takes about 7-10 seconds after launching the executable for the GUI to appear. 


I have performed a uninstall (checked "clear cache") and reinstall. However the problem stays. I did test the legacy application Internet Explorer and it behaved as expected. You launch the executable and the GUI appears in under a second.


This is reproduceable 100% of the time since build 2004. I've run SysInternal process monitor captures/Windows Performance Analyzer captures. Haven't found what is causing this behavior yet.



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@RKnowles in this case, make sure send a report through feedback option in Microsoft Edge.

I am running Microsoft Edge on number of PCs running build 2004 and they worked just fine.

Recovered to my previous OS Build. Edge working just fine in this environment.