After opening a few browser windows Edge stops and won't let me open more until I stop/start edge.

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First the problem, then my setup.

Problem: After opening a few (5 or 6) links in Edge I try to open another and nothing happens.  This is weird but to get around this I either need to stop/start Edge (and it is fine again for a few links) OR I can just open another browser (like Firefox) and them Edge continues to work without having to stop/start Edge.  BTW, this happens with my other 2 browsers also (Firefox and Google Chrome).  I can open a few links in them and then they stop working until I stop/start them.  Very frustrating.  Sometimes in Edge when this happens the new window will say "crashed" (but even then if I simply open another browser like Firefox), the "crashed" window will work and go to the link I enter.  This started about a month or two ago.

Setup: I have Windows 10 Pro, HP laptop, antivirus and a malware product installed.  I have turned them off to see if the problem still happens and it does.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Just an fyi. When I go to the list of programs installed and try to click "repair" for Edge, the "repair" button is grayed out.

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Was hoping someone had a guess.  I will just hope that it stops one of these days.  When I'm viewing a lot of websites I have to close and restart my browser to keep it working about every 5 minutes.  At least if I do that my browser keeps working.  This happens no matter what browser I am using (MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome).

Should clear the browser data and cached files. This will free up some space and remove any corrupted or outdated files. Next, you should close other tabs, extensions, and apps that you don't need. They might be slowing down your browser or causing conflicts. Then, you should make sure Edge is up to date. You can check for updates in the settings menu. Sometimes, updates can fix bugs or improve performance. Another thing you should do is verify that third-party security software is up to date and scan the device for malware. Malware can interfere with your browser or compromise your security. You can use Windows Defender or any other antivirus program you trust. Finally, you can try changing the default app for URL to ‘Internet Browser’ instead of Edge, then set Edge as the web browser again. This might reset some settings that are causing problems. If none of these steps work, you can also try resetting the settings to their default values in the settings menu. This will erase any customizations you made, but it might also solve some issues. Hope this helps!


Thank you.  I tried everything you suggested but still have the same problem.  One thing that is also weird is when I do safe boot with internet. MS Edge and Chrome will not open (I see a flash and then they disappear).  Firefox opens but when I type a url it does nothing.  Very strange.


Oh well, it was worth a try.  Maybe when I upgrade from Win 10 to Win 11 this will go away but not planning on upgrading any time soon.

Thank you again.