After History and open tabs sync has been rolled out to Edge dev, everything is null in Sync interna

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Edge Version 88.0.685.3 (Official build) dev (64-bit)


 in practice the sync Seems like to be working fine, but no data is being shown in this table, that's why I'm worried. anyone else?

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This is what I have for Canary Version 88.0.692.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


Screenshot 2020-11-06 152036.jpg



@Dennis5mile Seems like you have the message "Backed off " but the others who have reported it (including me) have no message.
Hmm, Backed off and Running at the same time, gotta say it's confusing
@Dennis5mile LOL What about running in... a house? Whatever, how and what can we do to fix this issue?
"We" do nothing as we are not members of the edge team.
Backed off and running could be the wording used for the syncing is running but if nothing new is happening and nothing to sync, it backs off, but still runs as it constantly checks to see if anything new is happening... But, only the team knows for sure what it all means.. And who's to say that something wrong is happening.


sync internal ? (see if i also have this "bug/problem/other")


edit : same here




If your sync is in this state, you need to sign out of your Edge profile and back in. That usually fixes it.