Advertising on the New Edge

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I really want to like Edge and use it full time.  The choices for advertising placement really seems misleading.  First I have noticed several false click bait ads showing up but that has always been a problem on any platform.  The most egregious design choice is making those ads appear seamless with the rest of the "tiles" on the browser.  It makes the browser feel like it's entire design intent is to create opportunities for unintended clicks to boost click rates for advertisers.  There is this little tag at the bottom that says "ad" but based on the advertisement it's still very easy to mistake it for real news.  In this era of fake news this seems like a very poor design choice and I hope the Microsoft team rethinks it.

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to be honest? I can't agree more!


I can easily tell the difference between fake and real news but these stuff are just pure clickbait.

they use such titles that make people click on them and then forward them to other 3rd party sites full of ads and trackers.

I have Microsoft News on Windows 10 installed and the notifications and news I get are authentic, genuine and on topic, but on Edge new tab page, these are just so bad.


like "this piece of tech changed the entire life of people in US" , or "Coronavirus is cured" or "this guy predicts end of human race" and that kind of clickbait titles.














Microsoft's Edge clickbait is surprising in the sense of a company that wants to be seen as "professional", but not surprising in a money-grabbing corporate sense.


Please turn it off.