Ads Not Showing


I noticed that when I am using Edge Dev, none of the pages I visit show ads. I want to support creators and such with my ad revenue, but I can't get ads to show. I have tried turning off the built in ad block function, but to no avail. Any help on how to get them to appear?

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Tracking Prevention can also disable some ads:
other than that there is only this that you mentioned to have disabled already:

so if none of them work, you might wanna check your extensions (if there is any)

lastly, there is also a flag that you can try to enable:


Disable heavy ad privacy mitigations
Disables privacy mitigations for the heavy ad intervention. This makes the intervention deterministic.This is intended to be used for debugging only. – Mac, Windows


That was it. I had tracking prevention set to "Strict," and when I changed it to "Balanced" everything worked again. Thanks!

Great, you're welcome!