Adressbar Dropdown expandable

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is there any way to make the URL bar in Edge also expandable?
Like the Firefox Awsomebar.
Does anyone know a solution for Edge ? Would that be included in the planning? There would certainly be more users who would support this. 





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not sure what you exactly mean, the picture doesn't say much. but you can drag the right edge of the address bar and move it to the right to expand it.

you can also send suggestions you have using the feedback button on Edge or Alt + Shift + I




I meant that the address bar is generally expandable like in Firefox or Vivaldi to access the frequently visited websites. Something like the addon Fauxbar does.



Oh i see, on Edge I usually type a word or letter and then I see suggestions based on what I type in the address bar. so if I type "P" i see frequently visited websites of mine starting with the letter "P".

@HotCakeXno o meant the Dropdown List when i click in the adressbar like on Firefox :)