Address bar is unusually big for Microsoft Edge in all Channels

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Hey there, fellow developers! I was hoping if it could be possible to roll out a new feature to change the size of the address bar. Please add this feature, it's common in almost every Chromium-based browser, like Brave and Chrome.

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@DJD007 Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the MSFT Edge Insider community! So that I can accurately pass your feedback along to the team, can you please clarify what part of the address bar you'd like to make smaller? (Font size, toolbar, padding, etc.) And what type of device/OS are you using?


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+1 for this.


The toolbar as a whole appears to take up too much vertical space and should me resizable and more configurable for those that want it.


As others have noted, it seems odd that other Chromium-based browsers have this but Edge does not.

Sorry for not answering quickly, but I'll tell you, I'm using a Legion 5 ARH05H, Windows 11. I would like to minimize the amount of space taken up by extensions, like the spaces between each icon.