Address bar broken in Edge 95?

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Hi there! I just received Edge Dev  95.0.1011.1 (I was away last week), and my, uhh, Enter button isn't working in the address bar! I can type things into the address bar, but pressing Enter does nothing, so I can't search for anything or visit a site by typing in the URL. It does work elsewhere (eg. a new line in a new Facebook or Twitter post in the browser).

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Sorry, bit of an update! It looks like this specifically related to Search options not triggering - I can type in complete URLs or autocomplete previously visited URLs and press Enter on them, but anything recognised as a search query won't work when I press Enter.

Hey there @rensa_co, thanks for the report!


Will you visit edge://settings/search and confirm what search engine is set to be used in your address bar? You might find something like '-------' listed there, if so can you try setting your preferred search engine and see if pressing Enter to search works for you after changing that setting? 


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Thanks Alexandra! Yup, I'm seeing '--------' in that field. I can't change it, though: an icon next to it says that this setting is managed by my organization. This wasn't the case before this week, though!
Thanks for confirming! Is your device normally managed by your organization and just this setting is new?

@rensa_co Oh! One more thing! 


Did you see this dialog popup at any time before this happened? Or were you asked to update your default search engine recently in some other way?






My device is usually managed by my organisation, just not this setting! I haven't seen a dialog like that, though :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Funnily enough, this was fixed when my browser updated to 95.0.1020.0 this morning. The setting is still marked as locked by my organisation, but it's now locked to "Google (default)" rather than "-------". So I can search again :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks very much for your help, Alexandra!