Address Autocomplete Inconsistent Behavior

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The autocomplete of the address bar is inconsistent for me and sometimes seems to forget previous entries.


As an example, even though I have visited before, sometimes:

- if I type microsoft it never autocompletes with

- if I type microsoft. it sometimes autocompletes with

- once I have typed, it will autocomplete after the first few characters. (e.g. mic) with

- then some time later, it may revert to the first or second behavior


It only consistently seems to autocomplete if I fully type the site with the ".com" or equivalent, but will then revert again.


It seems like Edge Legacy (and other browsers) will autofill with the main site even if I have visited a lower level page previously. With Edge Canary and Dev, the autofill only seems to be triggered if I use the top level name explicitly. Selecting a lower level page from history will not trigger later autofill.



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Wow, yes! I've been noticing this for a while and couldn't figure out what was wrong. I'm seeing identical behaviour: the autocomplete in the address bar refuses to suggest proper URLs. 


The sorting algorithm is super off.


For example, I've visited But I can type "inter" and Chromium Edge will suggest these results first somehow (as it's matching title first, instead of title and URL first):





This has happened on many results. Once I catch more of them and screenshot, I'll post here.


This bug/sort is my #1 issue with the day-to-day use of Chromium Edge. The autocomplete needs to prioritize when the URL and title match, not just the title (i.e., everybody writes incredibly long page titles for SEO these days).

I agree with this. Same or similar behavior here on Edge Canary. There is no consistency in the algorithm.