Additional shortcuts on the start page




I'm a big fan of the shortcuts on the start page and as a consequence have reached the limit of 8.

I was kind of hoping this could be customized in the future to have for instance a 2nd row of 8 shortcuts.  To prevent the page from looking overcrowded the shortcuts could be scaled down a bit when a 2nd row becomes active.


Especially on a big screen this shouldn't cause any issues.







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Firefox has this ability but their NTP page is totally different. the way I see it, Microsoft can only add 1 more row (to have 2 rows in total), any more rows would require the user to scroll down which is not an option since scrolling down is already dedicated for seeing the news section.

@HotCakeX I totally agree that scrolling to get more is not an option.

Also, Edge on W10 should sync these with Edge on Android. Edge/Android is supposed to show the most visited sites but it does not. It arbitrarily pins sites that I have NEVER visited through this browser (LinkedIn. Netflix, etc.). On top of that, I do not want to check these tiles every time I open the browser to see if the site I want is pinned or not. Under the most used scenario it could be there in the morning but not at night depending on my browsing that particular day , Here today, gone tomorrow! Let me choose the pinned tiles myself.@Iengelen 

I definitely would like to see a second row. I remember sending them feedback regarding this a few months ago and then I recently got an email saying that they had implemented it, but I have yet to see anything like it in Canary. :\

Anyways, I would also like to see them add the ability to lock the shortcuts, like @Jacques Van de Meerssche said.