Adding QR code scanning feature to EDGE?

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These days scanning QR code / recognising QR code in a picture in lieu of typing URL are getting more and more common. Instead of using a QR code scanning app that most likely will end up opening a browser to get to an URL, why not just adding a QR code scanning feature into EDGE? If the QR gives an URL, then user can go to such URL directly in EDGE.


Of course to ensure security, a MSGBOX should be pop up showing domain in black and allowing expanding the message in MSGBOX to review the entire URL in a details tap for user to confirm proceeding to the URL or not after scanning

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@sscywong That's a great idea about QR code scanning.  I will bring this up to the developer team.

@Eric_MS So? Is it developed yet? I don't want to install a third party extension. Edge can already generate QR, why not scan QR from an image with a snipping tool-like screenshot?

Thank U