Adding passwords to Edge dev password list

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I want to add a list of passwords to the Edge dev password list. 

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    Are you asking how to save the password to the Edge Dev password list after logging in to the website, or how to synchronize the password through the account?

    In the first case, you only need to select "Yes" when Edge asks if you want to save the password for this website.


However, if you need to display this prompt box, you need to open it.

  1. Enter the address directly in the address bar.
  2. Make sure that the place marked with the red pen is open.2.png

 In the second case, please follow these steps:

  1. After opening the settings, click here:批注 2020-04-24 082816.png


  2. Choose what you want to sync:批注 2020-04-24 083020.png
  3. You only need to wait a moment to synchronize everything currently supported by Edge to another Edge.

    I hope this can help you! I wish you a happy life!If the answer to your question is not these two, please ask, thank you!




I have a paper list of passwords that I want to add to the existing edge dev password list. How do I do that?

Thanks for your help. 


Leslie Roberts


Nice to meet you again!
   Oh, I think this may require you to open these websites in your browser and log in. In this process, when Edge pops up "Do you want to save the password?", Click "Save". This method may be a bit slow, but I think it should be a better method at the moment. If other people have a better way, you can listen to others' opinions!
   I wish you a happy life!Goodbye!