Adding an Extension (into Edge Dev) from a File

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Load an Extension into Edge directly from a file


I’d like to add a Google Extension (gaoptoutaddon_1.0.8.xpi) that provides an Opt Out feature telling the Google java script not to send search information to Google Analytics. However, this extension is not in the Microsoft Store.

 I was able to download the extension from Google and add it to other browsers; however, I cannot point to the file from Edge Development.

The easiest way to allow me to add the extension would be to have it available in the Microsoft Store,  but I’d like to see flexibility added to Edge to that I can point to a file and have it added.

I realise the potential danger from loading an unverified app into a browser, but I’d still like the flexibility to do so when the app is available from a trusted source.


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XPI file extensions can't be installed on Edge nor Chrome, because they belong to Firefox.


The xpi file extension is associated with Firefox or Mozilla web browsers and used for its plugins and add-ons. This is basically a ZIP file that, when opened by the Firefox browser utility, installs a browser extension. This extension applies to both Mozilla and Firefox browsers.


Edge supports .CRX files that is for both themes and extensions/add-ons


if this is what you are looking for

then just open that page in Edge and press the button






you will be automatically prompted by Edge to allow extension install from other stores than Microsoft

you can toggle that option on/off from here too: edge://extensions/


for better handling of analytics in web from Google and other companies, installing ublock origin is a better option


of course Edge already has Tracking Prevention built in: edge://settings/privacy



After reading your response, I've decided to forget about this feature from Google. one never knows what Google has in store for unsuspecting and trusting novices.






You're welcome, unfortunately that's true but Microsoft has their own Addons store and Edge is ungoogled

the numbers are growing. they just added a review system