Add translate option to 'Turn off Quick Searches'.

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I think 'Turn off Quick Searches' really helpful in browsing with web search, copy and define options.


To make Edge more interactive and enjoyable browsing experience, I would suggest following features should be added.


  1.  Translator
  2. open in YouTube 
  3. Quick Note: a separate note will be added to Sticky notes
  4. Add links to Collections 
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If you have suggestions and feedback for the Edge team to start Edge >settings > reviews> this is the best way to pass on a message to your development team!
Such reports are analyzed - Good luck

Sure, Thank You @Deleted 

Hello, you are talking about translation in the browser ? Edge already have this buid in, so you can use it !


Yes, but Edge automatically translates into the language of the system, and it comes to synchronization and full translation - the proposal is interesting - I have pinned the translator, but it can be better solved and worth discussing!

I don't understand your problem... we can sélect our language of translation, and we can select the text to translate...


Dobrze - może teraz zrozumiesz o co mi chodzi !


too bad I speak a little Polish,  but I was still able to translate just what I want in my language ... so i don't understand yet !





Dobrze - to proszę odpisać po Polsku wtedy zrozumiesz!

to nie jest problem, tylko pokazuję jak przetłumaczyć fragment tekstu...


Yes, but you have taken many steps and used the site to translate it takes too much time and that is a big problem!

Performing such translations should be in the context of Edge so that you do not have to use external sites - Bing, etc.

There's a edge extension called Google Translate in Right Click which lands to a separate page.


@Deleted  I tried to post this into Edge Community but I could not find it. Can you tell me the exact path, or is it worth to discuss here?


Thank You.



I use this site often – I always encourage you to start a discussion – that's why it's MTC


Edge does not have such an extension in context! I pin as a card!