Add the option to open favorite items in installed Edge apps

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to clarify what I'm referring to:

I have YouTube website installed as an app in Edge browser





when I go to from main Edge window (Not the pinned website or PWA), and right-click on a link, I get this option




which lets me open the link (in this case it's a video), in the pinned YouTube app.


but when I right-click on the YouTube favorite item in the favorite bar, I don't see this option. it's missing from there. it makes sense to add the same option in favorite items right-click menu too.





This is Version 82.0.449.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


the nature of this bug prevents me to properly send it using feedback button on Edge browser, so I really hope someone from Microsoft will take this manually and let the team know about it.

thank you

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@HotCakeX I'm logging it in our internal bug db right now...