Add spacing between tabs with rounded corners (new design v102)

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I've just enabled a new flag in Edge v102 (I use beta version), Show experimental appearance settings (edge://flags/#edge-visual-rejuv-show-settings). Ok, this new design is really inspired by Firefox and... I like it ! But...


It should have a spacing between tabs with rounded corners... It could be more clean (like Firefox)


No spacing between tabs in EdgeNo spacing between tabs in Edge


In Firefox :

Spacing between tabs in FirefoxSpacing between tabs in Firefox

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Hi, I also think that larger spacing is better, but others want to have everything together without separation.

@A1 maybe we could have an option in settings to choose to have or not this spacing. 

Unfortunately, the project cannot take into account such details that the user can change in the settings.
Firefox spaced tabs looks so much better! Edge should do the same.