Add SOCKS5 (+ Authentication) support to Edge insider browser

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Please consider adding SOCKS5 proxy support and Authentication (username and password) to the new Edge browser. currently only Firefox has that capability (without Auth). 


Microsoft Edge insider is using the same networking settings as google chrome which is not ideal and heavily relies on extensions and 3rd party programs. please create a separate proxy settings page that only effects Edge browser (like Firefox) and Not the whole Windows OS, and add SOCKS5 support to it.



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Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't chromium already have the ability to use SOCKS5 as a proxy?


So I found this about Chromium:


not sure if it works on Google chrome, but I tried it on Edge insider Canary and couldn't get it to work with TOR (SOCKS5)


I could however use the Windows Internet options to enable system-wide TOR connection for all of my applications.


Annotation 2019-10-11 204723.png



and it works fine.

but no Authentication support (when you wanna use premium SOCKS proxy) and no possibility for limiting the connection only to Edge insider, like Firefox below


Annotation 2019-10-11 204745.png