Add share button in menu to share webpages

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There is no share button to share web pages like a one which was in original edge.

What if I want to share a news article to my friend via mail or facebook messenger. I can easily do that in old edge.

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+1 Hello @Jay_Mehta you're absolutely right this feature is almost basic and we lack it when it is on the previous Edge.



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The Share button is added now to the toolbar

Microsoft Edge Version 82.0.431.0


Why isn't it possible to send an open tab to another desktop device? It's just possible to share with my smartphone.

you're right, there is no send button, but when you open the history flyout or sidebar by clicking on its icon on Edge toolbar, there is a section called "Tabs from other devices"
in there you should be able to see tabs from other devices that are open
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