Add secret Ninjacat game as a wink to Windows Insiders


Seeing a lot of posts asking about adding an offline game to Edge for when there is not internet connection or a page can't be reached. I propose that either instead of or in addition to that a Ninja Cat game could also make a fine addition to Edge and promote the Windows Insider Program.Example A - Ninjacat riding t-rex with robot armsExample A - Ninjacat riding t-rex with robot arms


Example B - Ninjacat riding flaming unicornExample B - Ninjacat riding flaming unicorn


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@Cameron_Bush Maybe have the unstoppable T-Rex catching some nasty alien bugs :>

@Cameron_Bush @AimanJ 

Hi, Microsoft has added a game to Edge which is a lot cooler than expected!

Edge automatically offers to play it when Internet connection is lost but you can also play it with Internet if you go to this URL: edge://surf/


Gameplay video:


p.s it's currently available only on Edge version 82 onward