add option to pin favorite websites on the New tab page




in the old Edge version, we were able to pin 8 websites on the New Tab page. This feature is only partially back. We see only 7 websites out of 8 and we can't pin them, so they are always changing. I was using that for quick access to my favorite websites. I hope we will see this feature back.


Thank you

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If you add sites with the +, they won't change.

Mines changed. And if I add the tab #8 with the + icon, it add it and remove one randomly.

You are correct. Adding with the + in my case deletes the first pinned favorite. In essence, there can only be 7 pinned favorites. In my opinion this is broken. I would much rather it be customizable similar to Firefox.

Any updates about that?

There are 7/8 favorites website and no they are not pinned. If I visit a website more than another one, he will move from right to left or another website will replace one I had.



Add your top 7 and they will stay.


After a while visiting Reddit, the website was added to my top 7 without me changing anything. So I guess after a while if you visit a website constantly, it will remove the one on the right and replace it... But I still want the possibility to lock them and have 8 top sites instead of 7.

Quite a few versions ago, I removed ALL the 'top sites' that had appeared and used the add button on the NTP to add the 8 I wanted. This in effect pinned them - they have never changed, never been replaced with where I go most. So to 'pin' 8 sites, remove all current 8, then add the 8 you want with the plus button. They should not then change. Note, when you add the 8th, the PLUS tile disappears, being replaced by your 8th choice.

I use stable release and maybe I don't have the 8th website yet...



... but maybe you do.

How? It's not working for me...


What happens when you click "+" and add an eighth site?

@Bruce Roberts 

It just replace the 7th.