Add option to move address bar into tab, like the new Safari

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Some of you may be aware that a new update to Mac OS's Safari browser was teased the other day that included some important changes. The one I am most interested in, however, is the UI change involving the tabs:



As you can see, the address bar is moved to the space that the tab occupies ( in this case). Presumably the address bar scales up to become wider when it is selected. I suggest that the option to use this layout be added to edge. The space efficiency is unrivaled, and is higher than anything I've seen since firefox 4 with extensions back in the day. Also, the other buttons could be moved to an expandable window so that Edge could have true full-performance one-bar operation.


Here's a super quick mock-up of how i'd imagine this working:



I can't be the only one who saw the safari update and wish Edge had the same! Come on, how cool would it be if we had the option to use this layout!?

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@theColeHardTruth I actually like this idea! :)

Dunno how easy it would be to implent it though.

I dunno either, but it couldn't be too hard right? just display the address bar field instead of the tab text, or switch the tab text to the address bar when the tab is clicked on. Throw in an element to increase the width when the address bar is selected and you're good!

Like i said in the OP, firefox did this back in the day iirc, and it was just as awesome then imo! :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Vivaldi has where one can use F2 to type in an address; I'd like to see this in edge.