Add notes into Collection Items Cards

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When creating a collection of products (tires in my case) I found myself having to manually mark some data for each page.

To do this I used collection notes, but it would have been better to be able to add Notes directly to the single item Cards, so that you can reorder everything more easily and have a cleaner graphics.

Annotazione 2019-12-10 160119.jpg


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@DPierangeli I appreciate that this exists, I use it for when the school blocks a video that is playable at home, so I just copy the URL onto a card.

You say that you want to directly add notes to collections. Maybe they can add a drop down text box that you could add text to. Currently, they seem to be trying to replace the set tabs aside feature, and add extra ideas to it, so who knows how it will end up.

Collections feature is currently too simple..definitely needs more features. there has been a lot of them suggested in the forum but we don't see any of them being added to the list of the feedbacks under review..

@cjc2112 I also wish that I could send all my tabs to one collection like the old set tabs aside feature, (not saying that its a replacement for it Microsoft, we still want it back).