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Hello everyone, I am a student. I often use the pdf editing function of the old browser. The feature of adding comments makes me like it, but the disadvantage is that it does not have the saladict extension.So I downloaded the new version, but I found that the new version has a lot less added notes. Do you have any good suggestions?


The first is an old version with yellow blocks and pens in an optional color.

The second is a new version, with only blue pens and no yellow blocks.





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Hi @san_yi 


yes the new Chromium based Edge doesn't have add notes feature

I hope it will be added








@san_yi Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Insider community! Most extensions from the Chrome store should also be compatible with the newest version of Microsoft Edge, so if you're getting an error, can you please share a screenshot and/or submit feedback with diagnostics through the browser?


And good news! Our PDF team knows that users would like to see more features, so they are actively working on some things. But to start, here is an update from our What's New page:

"Introducing PDF ink customizations

Have feedback about the functionality or improvements you'd like to see? Send that to us via the feedback icon at the top right of the browser."


Hopefully that helps!


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