Add MKV Playback support to Microsoft Edge


There has been a lot of times when I want to watch a video file or only some parts of it but I have to first download the whole thing from Internet on my computer only because the video file's format is MKV which is very popular today, it gets worse when the video file is very big and you only want to watch a portion of it. it'd be great if Microsoft Edge became the first browser to implement this feature. I'm sure a lot of people would like it as well.

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@HotCakeX- Thank you for requesting for this feature. I have filed an internal bug to track your feature request. I will circle back with you once we make further traction on this.

Thank you very much! @GurpreetV 

Any updates? it's been 10 months..@GurpreetV 

@HotCakeX MKV + H265 support would be THE killer feature! Any news about that?

I havent seen any movment on it possible at all yet?
H265 and dolby support is here though still no MKV support, the file needs to be in a MP4 container as of now.