Add local pdfs to collections and have pdfs in splitview

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As the title is mentioning it would be awesome to add local saved pdfs that are open in edge to a collection. In that way i could have collections for different subjects in university.

The other suggestion i have would be to have two pdfs alongside eachother (like splitview in a racing game but here vertical) so i can compare them or have a look at the lecture and the tasks at the same time. For now i have to open them in different windows but this isn't always helpful when i have to do open file explorer or so on, because it is messing thngs around and i have to click on each windows to have it back in top.


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I was just about to add the same just not as detailed.


Collections would be improved by being able to add local .pdf's


@G4rdener for the time being, i just added a note to the collection with the full file path in my system, so I can copy and paste and open the file in the browser. It helps in organing the files by associating it to a collection, at least.