Add ICC version 4 color profile support to PDF viewer


As per the official test page at, Edge does support both ICC version 4 and version 2 profiles for images on HTML pages.


However, as the official test PDF at shows, Edge's PDF viewer supports ICC version 2 profiles only and completely lacks version 4 profile support for embedded images.


So please add support for ICC version 4 profiles as well to Edge's PDF viewer.

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Wow, yeah,


surprising thing is that Edge legacy already supports version 4, it looks like this, perfect




But Edge, EVEN the latest Canary Version 82.0.418.0, doesn't support it




@HotCakeX  Precisely, this is one area of concern where the new Edge has definitely regressed from the 'legacy' version! Hope the Edge dev team is working on bringing the new version up to par at least with the old one and not just looking to implement new stuff.

Totally agree, I wonder whether Chrome supports v4 or not

I doubt it. Not gonna install Chrome to check, but would be surprising if v4 color profile support was Chrome-only and not part of Chromium.


Yeah that's right, I decided to bite the bullet and installed Chrome canary, not on my system though but on Windows sandbox


here is the result




Also for reference, this is how it looks like on the latest available Firefox Version 74.0a1 (2020-02-07) (64-bit) Nightly




Looks like the poor thing doesn't even support ICC Ver2 let alone Ver4.

so I guess Edge legacy is the only browser supporting ICC V4 and V2 completely. now I'm ashamed to call it Edge "legacy", it's barely legacy..



Yup, Firefox has a seven year old open issue for this, but I couldn't find anything similar for Chrome/ium. Hoping MS at least will fix this at their end, even if Chrome then ends up with the same without its devs doing any work.
Yeah I hope so too.
before this, I never knew about this lack of feature. I never even noticed it