Add Extension Support for Android version of Edge browser


It's possible, there are browsers like Kiwi that support it. would be great if Microsoft Edge did the same and allowed our extensions used in desktop to be used on Android phones and tablets too.

of course this needs to be considered in the process of revamping the current Edge Android version and swapping its engines.

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Yes, they should do it earliest. But I think this will not be implemented in near future. It's already a year passed since this suggestion and comment from @Elliot Kirk on this post.

But it'll be very useful if it is implemented. We want same browser experience on all our different devices.

@HotCakeX  Current state of Web is just filled with transparent layer redirects and uBlock is very valuable to me, which is why I cannot switch away from Kiwi Browser. If MS Edge android got extensions support, it would be a huge advantage over other android browsers.

Also given Microsoft has better reputation for privacy compared to chinese "extension-enabled" browsers, The user base would really expand.

I really hope this one gets implemented. Specially since kiwi is open source now.
Well we need to hear something from the developers about this or see this being added to the top feedback list

@Elliot Kirk any news on that? or at least a opportunity to vote for it. Thanks!


@MichaelBodenmueller wrote:

 any news on that? or at least a opportunity to vote for it. Thanks!

There is no voting system (yet), best thing you can do now is to send this suggestion using the feedback button on Edge. more people send feedback requesting a feature means higher priority it will have.

With my work account I regularly use uservoice (for all Microsoft products). Therefor I can't understand why Microsoft offer that possibility for the target groups Developers, Education and Business but not Privat:

Sending this suggestion via feedback button within the Application can't be as efficient as using uservoice where your request can't be found by others users to support it.

It is really a shame that we talk about this in the Microsoft techcommunity without interaction with Microsoft officials :\
That works too, but the idea behind sending feedbacks from the browser feedback button is to see how many users ask for a certain feature and then track them and once developers see a certain amount of users want the same thing, or want something to change, then they will do it.

it's not really necessary to see what other people suggest etc. everyone can send their suggestions/feedbacks privately and individually to Edge developers. users receive personal email replies from developers if the developers have a question, or if developers start working on the feedback or the change/suggestion has been applied to Edge.

another advantage of the feedback button is that in case of a problem/bug, the browser sends additional diagnostic data that can help find the source of the problem, the feedback feature in Edge also has problem recreation feature where you can record your screen and steps on how to reproduce a bug and send the data along with your feedback.

the top feedback list you see is made based on the feedbacks developers receive from people.
I reviewed the UserVoice link, there are lots of low quality, unrelated or silly posts there, it definitely needs a Downvote button.

anyway, Edge developers are considering to add a public voting system to Edge community here, you can check it out:

Voting system would be great for this community.
Yes for sure, a voting system with both Upvote and Downvote

@HotCakeX Actually Edge Android is supporting extension!! That's what I implement when I work for Microsoft. :D At that time we worked with Honey to support their extension.


However, we do not enable sync and debugging tool to the users since it is hard to verify how extensions will affect the performance. You may try bing shopping extension in Edge Android for now. I think overall you raised a good idea but at that time I was only an engineer and could not make the decision. I made it work on myself(Almost the same time as KiWi) and then I left.(Do not know how they treat this feature).  

just like many other people, I'm also Not a fan of built in extensions that are preinstalled and can't be removed by the user.
we want to install them ourselves and remove them at any time, just like on desktop.
the 3 included extensions in Edge mobile are pretty useless for me (honey, newsguard, adblock plus).
the first one doesn't support my retailers, the second one rates news websites in a very biased and false way, the third one takes money from ad companies to let their ads come through

It has been a while. Any update on this?


For people reading this and wanting the same feature, submit feedback from the edge android app to Microsoft. You can do it though the menu (three dots). 

Microsoft, I have to say this is rather pathetic given the state of Gdpr and everyone on mobile. You have known about this android lack of support for desktop extensions and yet you have done nothing about it. Every website I visit has an annoying popup that takes up most of the screen. If you cared about your user base on Edge you would get it done but here we are. Just to let you know I am now removing Edge from my mobile which I spend most of my time browsing on. This is what happens when you don't listen to the community. Your competitors have this available and guess what, that's where I am headed and it is entirely your fault for not bothering. You obviously don't use mobile or if you do I bet its not edge because it takes a special kind of person that will happily accept every website they visit produce an annoying popup when loading.

solution found, adguard sorts all these annoying gpdr cookie requests
i think adguard on Android requires root?
Wow. This is the top Android issue, because of course it is. You guys _know_ this is what users want. I'm sure the devs would be happy to do it too - they probably all want this anyways. I also bet there's some manager that comes up with a bunch of BS reasons why this is a bad idea when they're really just on a power trip about controlling what users can and can't do. Could you just drop it? What happened to the old Microsoft that built developer platforms?